Oops! 4 Puppy House Training Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 26 May 2023

Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting for the entire household. You're already looking forward to years of companionship and memories with your new pup, but one of the first puppy training hurdles you'll need to overcome is house training.

House training a puppy can be a challenging and (at times) frustrating process, but by avoiding some of the most common mistakes, you can have your dog reliably going potty outside in no time.

1. Missing Common Cues

One of the biggest mistakes new dog owners make when trying to house train a puppy is not knowing how to spot common cues that the dog needs to relieve itself. Some common signals include sniffing around, going into another room, whining, and acting distracted. It will take some time to recognize the signs that your dog needs to go outside, but once you do, you can more readily avoid accidents.

2. Expecting Overnight Success

Another important thing to keep in mind is that house training a puppy takes time. In fact, most puppies can only hold it for the equivalent of their age in hours. For example, a puppy who is three months old probably can't hold its bladder for more than three hours at a time, which means you need to be diligent about taking your dog outside around-the-clock. Until your dog gets a bit older, you simply can't expect it to be able to go long stretches without a bathroom break.

3. Foregoing the Reward

Dogs are driven by praise and rewards, so be sure to have a small treat ready anytime you take your dog outside. If your dog successfully goes potty outside, immediately praise them and provide a small treat. Over time, this will create positive reinforcement that will continue to motivate your dog.

4. Losing Your Patience

As frustrating as it can be, one of the worst things you can do while house-training a puppy is to lose your patience or scold your dog for having an accident. Not only can this derail your progress, but it can also affect your dog's trust in you and make your pup fearsome of you. Learn to expect accidents and deal with them appropriately. Stocking up on stain remover, odor neutralizers, and other cleaning supplies can go a long way here.

House training a puppy takes a great deal of patience and diligence, but the reward is more than worth the effort. By avoiding these common mistakes, you and your pup will be on your way to success soon enough. Contact puppy training services near you for more information.