Does Your Dog Need Obedience Lessons?

Posted on: 19 January 2021

Dogs make fantastic companions for people of all ages. Many kids have fond memories of growing up with a family dog. However, sometimes canine companions can misbehave. Dog obedience training can curb bad behaviors and teach dogs correct behaviors. You may be unsure if your dog needs obedience training, especially if you're a new pet owner. Here are four instances when you should enroll your dog in obedience lessons.

1. Your dog behaves badly when excited.

Dogs are often excited to be around people. They're social animals that love new friends. However, excitement can lead to inappropriate behaviors, such as barking or jumping. Having an excited puppy jump to greet you may seem cute and harmless, but this behavior can become bothersome as dogs grow older and larger. It's best to curb bad behaviors as soon as possible. Dog obedience lessons will teach your dog simple commands, such as "sit" and "stay." These commands can be powerful tools for curbing inappropriate excitement in your pet.

2. Your dog displays inappropriate aggression.

No two dogs are exactly alike. Dogs are individuals with their own personalities, just like humans. Some dogs are naturally more aggressive than others. However, aggression can be dangerous when left unchecked. If your dog growls or snaps at other animals or people, obedience lessons are required. You can train your dog out of aggressive behaviors, such as food guarding. A dog behavior expert will help you safely curb these behaviors in your pet.

3. Your dog is willful and stubborn.

Some dogs are naturally stubborn. This trait can be particularly pronounced if a pet has never been properly disciplined. Fortunately, even the most stubborn dog can be taught to behave using dog obedience lessons. During obedience training, you will learn how to motivate your dog using whatever he finds most compelling. For instance, some dogs are highly motivated by food, while others prefer games and attention. Even the most stubborn dogs can be taught to behave.

4. Your dog has forgotten his manners.

You may be a responsible pet owner who enrolled your dog in obedience lessons as a puppy. However, dogs can forget their training if owners aren't consistent. If you feel that your dog has forgotten his manners and no longer listens as he should, it may be time for a refresher course. Older dogs can also benefit from obedience lessons. If your dog has already completed obedience training once, you should find additional training easy. It's never too late to remind your dog of the proper way to behave.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers dog obedience lessons in your area.