Overcoming Of The Clippers: Tips For Clipping Your Frightened Puppy's Nails

Posted on: 25 February 2015

You've just adopted a puppy and you couldn't feel more excited. However, you quickly realize how sharp your new family member's claws are. Your pups claws may interfere with playtime and wreak havoc on your rugs.

Clipping your puppy's nails is an important part of responsible pet ownership. It prevents your dog from suffering damage to his feet, saves you from painful scratches, and averts tears in your rugs. Although clipping his or her nails may seem like an easy task, you may be surprised when your pup runs and hides as soon as you pull the clippers out.

A fear of nail clipping is not uncommon for dogs. Whether it's because they are afraid they will get hurt, or because they are uncomfortable being in a vulnerable position, nobody really knows. If your pup is showing signs of nail clipping fear, don't just put the clippers away and forget about it. Try these tips to get him or her acquainted with the practice.

Introduce the Clippers

Start by introducing your puppy to the clippers. Use an excited voice to explain that he or she is going to have a wonderful experience. Get extremely excited. Don't hold back. Dogs feed off their masters energy, and the more pumped up you feel, the more pumped up your dog will feel.

Once your dog is bursting with excitement, pull out the clippers. At this point, just show the clippers to your dog. Give him or her a treat and lots of good pets. Put the clippers away and repeat this exercise several times a day for at least a week. You'll know your dog is no longer afraid of the sight of the clippers when you don't get super excited, but he or she does when you pull the clippers out.

Play With His Feet

When you're done with the clipper introduction exercise, play with his or her feet. As you pet your dog slowly move down to the feet. Touch each of his or her paws, and each of the nails. Use a lot of upbeat praise when you are handling his or her feet and make sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward your pooch with.

Again, practice this exercise for about a week.

Start Clipping

Once your dog isn't afraid of the sight of the clippers and he or she is comfortable with you touching his or her feet, you can move to actually clipping the claws.

Before you begin, bring the clippers out so that your pet sees them and then set the clippers aside. Pet and touch his or her feet. Pick up the clippers while you're touching your pets feet, but don't use the clippers; then put the clippers down and offer your pet treats. This action will get him or her used to the idea of you holding clippers in your hand while touching his or her feet.

Once your pet appears comfortable with you touching his or her feet while holding the clippers, proceed to clipping. Move slowly, be positive and upbeat, and reward him or her with plenty of treats throughout the process.

Using these tips, your dog will start to associate having his or hers nails clipped with being reward and see it as a positive experience. Eventually, your pet's fear will subside and you'll be able to clip your pup's nails with ease. If you need help with pet training services, call South Tampa Puppy Palace